Get a top rank in KVPY

For class 12 students there is no need for extra preparations as most of the syllabus would have been covered by you. Just solve a few past question papers for practice.

For class 11 students, you have to prepare a bit extra. Your class 11 concepts must be clear. For mathematics, class 11 maths will do. 

For chemistry, class 11 is enough

For physics, you should also cover geometrical optics, and Coulomb’s law from HC Verma

For biology, class 11 12 ncert is required for a good score but still a good grip over 9th 10th will ensure selection.

For the interview, nothing extra is required, just practice your speaking skills and see some past interview questions. Be confident on interview day. 

Here is Irin’s experience about KVPY – “I can answer for the SA students, your first priority should be to complete the syllabus. As because Kvpy stage 1 is in November and in most places class 11 syllabus is completed only by next year March, many students are unable to attempt every question. Especially SHM, gravitation, organic chemistry and other topics which come later in the academic session.

The difficulty level of the questions is not extremely high. But concepts must be sound. Solving past years papers is a must for an idea of time management.

In case of Stage 2, be prepared to present your preference. Decide on the topics beforehand and prepare them well. Though sometimes interviewers may ask questions or subjects not mentioned by you. Please wear a formal dress or school uniform ( jeans is casual wear so avoid it) and good shoes. Greet interviewers, maintain eye contact and thank them while leaving.

Use the blackboard, write formulas and draw diagrams wherever possible. Being frank helps. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer to any question. I have friends who are Kvpy scholars in spite of screwing more than one interview question. Also write down the paper, where they ask you for interests, scientific activities, etc. carefully. For example, don’t write astronomy as interest if you are not very confident about Astronomy questions.

Good luck to all future aspirants and hope you ace this exam”

All the best!

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This article has been jointly authored by Irin Ghosh (KVPY 2015 All India Rank 1) and Kalpit Veerwal.