A JEE study guide for students about to finish class 11th

Congratulations! You made it this far in your JEE preparations! You have a great amount of time left. The thing is to make proper use of it. This short article will tell you how to make the best use of the time left. I have only made short points, because the details are self understood.

Those who had been preparing already should focus on revision and problem solving. Utilize the break between 11th and 12th to study as much as you can.

Those who had not been preparing till now, start fast if you want to clear JEE. Use the break to understand well all the concepts in class 11. Use 12 the for problem solving+12th studies.

Problem sources include Coaching material, HCV, Irodov (only for advanced level practice), P Bahadur, A Das Gupta(great for class 11 concepts), and most importantly past years papers. I think this is enough.

Some of the must have books are given below (you can click on them to order).You can find a more complete list here: Best books for JEE preparations

Don’t neglect boards and JEE(Main) as IITs admit only 10000 or so, rest have to go to NITs and other places(unless you are confident to make it to IITs), but always aim high.

Study NCERT well. It helps in understanding stuff.

The answer depends on your skill and understanding level too, so make your moves wisely.Stay away from distractions which kill time, if you want to do well (not always, but hard work fetches a better rank, in case you want one). 

Be confident as a lot of people rise ( and fall too ) in 12th.

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