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We get it. You want to know if you're in good hands or not (you are!)

Wed Mar 16, 2022

Education is a very important part of anyone's life - and specially when we are talking about classes 11-12th it becomes even more serious. It is quite understandable to do a thorough research about what you will get from an educational platform.

In this article, we will clearly list down what you will get with AcadBoost. We will also post student reviews where many of our students mention how AcadBoost has helped them with their studies. This should be enough for you to decide if AcadBoost is right for you or not!

What you get with AcadBoost

All the courses have very detailed course description and FAQ section along with some form of a "preview" of what is in the course. This should give you a good idea of what to expect in the course. You will get the following with our JEE courses:

  1. Detailed Video lectures
  2. Short video lectures (for backlog/revision purpose)
  3. Question solving demonstration
  4. Multiple teachers for every subjects
  5. Practice Worksheets (DPPs)
  6. Question bank for extra practice
  7. Full syllabus test for final revision
  8. Part tests for syllabus revision
  9. Short Notes for revision
  10. Detailed solutions of every question in every Test/DPP

We have multiple teachers for all subjects. All of these teachers are selected after a stringent multi stage hiring process where several factors like qualification, subject knowledge, teaching style are taken into consideration. A huge chunk of our teachers are IITians or have similar educational background. You won't face an issue learning from anyone, but you can always refer to another teachers' content if you don't understand something from one.

All the content is provided to you on the day of your enrolment and you will have access to it till your validity lasts. You can study any chapter you want at any time you want - there is no requirement to attend any live class and force a schedule on you. You can use AcadBoost as a standalone coaching, or you can use it as a supplement to your existing coaching.

All questions in tests/DPPs have detailed solutions which you can refer anytime you are stuck - so you won't have to waste time attending doubt classes or running around asking your friends for help.

Student Reviews

Here are some messages, comments, posts that our lovely students have sent us. You can read even more detailed reviews under each course under "Reviews and Rating" section. Demo lectures are provided there as well.

Kalpit Veerwal
Founder & CEO AcadBoost, IITB CSE, JEE 2017 Topper