AcadBoost x NPTEL IIT Bombay

A guest lecture at IIT Bombay

Tue Jun 20, 2023

I have delivered a guest lecture for an entrepreneurship course at IIT Bombay.

This course is open source and can be viewed by any student here.

I have discussed the business fundamentals that any entrepreneur would need - including discussion on how I build AcadBoost, how I systemised the business, how the marketing, product and growth are taken care of.

I had personally taken up with course in 2019, and it immensely helped me with my entrepreneurial journey. This is my small effort to give back something to the student community.

This course has lectures by Prof Devdip Purkayastha who has been my mentor for years now, and some more guest modules are there from other seasoned entrepreneurs.

One of the best things about this course is that it can be viewed for free by anyone, even if they are not from IIT Bombay. I hope you find this course and my lecture useful.

- Kalpit Veerwal

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