Amplify your Algebra for JEE!

This is a portion which is divided between 11th and 12th. Anyway, I’ll go chapterwise-

1. Basics of JEE Mathematics

This basically involves stuff like Logarithms, Graph making, equation solving, polynomials, identities, etc. Now this is really basic stuff and you must practice it really well in order to do well ahead. It might be tough for some students in the beginning, but make sure that you keep on trying it. Eventually you will have a good grasp on it.

2. Sequence and Series and Quadratic Equations 

These two are relatively easy chapters and you just need to be good with formulae and practice well. It will seem tough, because you aren’t used to this stuff(class 10 habits), but just keep on trying and you willl do well.

3. Permuations, Cominations, Probability, and Binomial theorem 

Well Binomial isn’t that tough a thing. There is just one formula, some calculations, and a few question types. Master them all. And remember the summation formulae for various types of series involving nCr. The real challenge comes in P&C and Probability. There are lots of tricky questions. Its completely based on your thinking skills. 

Here too, the key lies in practicing and trying to remember the approaches behind everything. This helps a lot. And try to solve tough questions, and then make sure you see where you went wrong(if you did) and remember the approach. Probability is the same in terms of strategy. Give importance to Conditional Probability and Bayes theorem.

4. Matrices and Determinants

This is quite a straightforward chapter. Simple concepts and calculations. Just questions can be tough, which can be the ones involving calculations on equations like A=BC, etc. Use properties of inverse and practice these kinds of questions well. Some good questions can be formed by involving previous topics. Prepare well for these.

5. Complex number

This is a good one. Be used to polar representation. It helps, and use concepts of Binomial Theorem and Trigonometry here when needed. Again, practice.As you can see, Algebra is pretty straightforward. All it needs it regular commitment from you and practice. Maintain short notes to list important formulae and concepts. And revise it and questions regularly to get a good grasp.


Go for a good coaching material as your main source.

For extra practice, you can solve books by Arihant. If you need even more practice/alternative practice book, then you can refer to A Das Gupta’s book. 

It has some really great questions, and they are much better than any other study material. Must solve if you are aiming for a rank in top 50/100.

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