Complete your Calculus for JEE and Boards

This post will be about calculus- considered to be the toughest topic in Mathematics. I’ll be covering what all must be taken care of while doing it, and the best books to be followed. Remember that calculus, and Mathematics in general is a deciding factor in JEE(Advanced). Physics and Chemistry can be done easily by a student who has studied well in 11th and 12th. Mathematics needs lots of patience and practice, and critical thinking skills.

If you are in 11th, then pay special attention to Mathematics, because it is the most important, if you aim for a top rank(but don’t ignore other subjects). If in 12th or dropping, don’t worry, you still have a lot of time.

1. Functions 

Well, since Mathematics is more about practice, all I can say is to practice a lot. Still, in this chapter, make sure you know the definitions well. Make sure that you know the graphs of various functions, and know how to plot graphs and solve equations.

2. Differentiation

Relatively easy. Lots of formulae, but they are used so often that you easily become used to them. Revise the formulae for standard derivatives and rules to remember them well. Application of Derivative part is really very important. It is linked with Coordinate Geometry and so carries even more importance. Practice all kinds of questions well. Another important type of questions involves using Rolle’s and Lagrange’s theorems. They are tricky, and understanding the derivation well helps.

3. Integration

This is easily the toughest chapter in JEE mathematics. It involves all chapters of mathematics- Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Algebra, etc. So, first things first-rememeber all the formulae pretty well. Be regular from day 1. Most students don’t learn formulae well, and as a result, they feel that their Maths is weak. It is not the case. There are perhaps 50-100 formulae in Integration, and you must learn them all. Practice helps in this. Another thing is strategies. There are lots of problem-solving strategies in this chapter, and revise them regularly. Then comes practice. Tough things become easy only through practice. Use your coaching material and revise well using these books. 


The best book for Calculus is one issued by coaching centres. They are quite comprehensive and have all the concepts, and all types of questions.

 I used Resonance material and found it pretty good. You can use it too(if you are studying on your own)Coming to books for extra practice, you should definitely go for Arihant. I used it and found it pretty awesome. Apart from these, I don’t think any other book is required. Foreign author books aren’t useful for JEE. Do past papers as mentioned in the books post.

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