Deciding stream after 10th – Part 1

1 . Students on reaching Class 10 have the question of which stream to opt in the future. In our society, there is a perception that Science is superior to Commerce which is even more superior than Arts. “Intelligent” students are always meant for Science while Humanities is for the below average students. This is NOT the way to decide your stream. 

2. First decide what are your interests. If you are someone who loves Mathematics, want to know about Computers and how they work then you should definitely opt for Science. There are lots of exciting research and job opportunities in STEM fields. And if you are interested about the functioning of the human body, how living systems work, then take Biology.

 3. Commerce is suitable for those students who like to know about businesses, accounts, economics, and how markets function. You can take Humanities if you love literature, languages, politics, and the functioning of society.

4. Future opportunities : After taking Science, if you study properly in a disciplined manner, you can crack the engineering entrances of the country and grab a seat in the IITs, BITS, NITs. You can become a doctor after studying medicine. And on taking commerce you have the option to become a Chartered Accountant. Students studying Humanities often go on to crack Civil Services and be an IAS. These are the normal trajectories after opting for your stream.

5. All the above positions : IITian, Doctor, IAS Officer and CA are very respectable positions that require a lot of hard work and discipline. They contribute to society in different ways and are equally responsible for the development of the society. So if you are studying Humanities, do not feel that a Science student is much better than you. There are many examples of a Commerce of Arts student being more successful than a Science student.

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