Deciding stream after 10th – Part 2

6 . There are also many students who do not know for certain what to study in the future. And this is absolutely OKAY. Many students do not have clarity and there are no issues with it. With uncertainty, you can push yourself to explore different things and know a lot more.

7. In this situation it is better to follow what your parents and teachers advise. They have been assessing you for a long time and know what is best for you. So if they are telling that you would not be able to cope up with Science and Humanities would be best, then follow it.

8. You can also get an indication from the previous marks. If your science grades have been consistently low, then it is probably best to avoid Science. On other hand, if you have been scoring good in the Languages, Social Sciences then you might be a good fit for Humanities. ( These are very basic indicators, there can be exceptions. Even if you are weak in an subject now, it is quite possible to master it by putting consistent efforts ).

Mathematics vs BiologyStudying Maths for JEE (Advanced) is comparatively tougher than Biology for NEET. Usually covering NCERT is sufficient for NEET Biology. AIIMS paper is an exception, but otherwise studying for NEET is straightforward. On the other hand, you should opt for Mathematics if you have an aptitude for it and are not afraid to face varying degrees of difficulty. There is a major amount of Mathematics in Engineering, so think for the long term.

Future Prospects: There is a dearth of good doctors in the nation. So if you are studying at a decent medical college, it is assured that you would have a job in the future. For engineering students, studying at the Tier I colleges, especially in CS, IT, ECE, EEE, there are jobs providing good salaries. But if you are not from a Tier I/II college, in a branch different from the above mentioned and you don’t perform extremely well in your college, then there is a possibility of ending up with a low paying job or even remaining unemployed. 

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