Electromagnetism for JEE

Chapterwise guide to get your dream IIT

This post is intended for students in class 12 (but I highly recommend class 11 students to read it too, so that you have a guideline for the future). Let us discuss all the chapters:

1. Electrostatics, Coulomb’s Law, Potentials

You must be thorough with vectors and mechanics. Click here to know more about Mechanics. If you are done then you won’t face many problems in Coulomb’s law. One section is done. Be very clear with the relation between V and E. Make sure you remember the formulae of V and E of various configurations with direction.

2. Gauss’ Law.

This is really important. Practice a lot. And remember special results and derivations. Properties of conductors are important. Read theory from a good book like HC Verma.

3. Capacitors

Be clear with series/parallel connections, charge transfer, etc. Electrostatics in matter is yet another important concept. A lot of questions are asked on free charge and all which confuse those who are not clear with them. Reading theory and solving a lot of problems is recommended.

4. Electric current.

KCL, KVL, Ohm’s Law, series/parallel and all related stuff. It starts with a discussion of current conduction, drift velocity, electrons, basic properties of currents, etc. Not very important, but remember all formulae here. Then comes the circuit analysis part. Quite important. Practice a lot of questions involving KVL and KCL. Equivalent resistance calculation should be close to your heart. Practice many symmetry questions. They are common and easy. This chapter has less number of formulae and depends more on problem-solving.

5. Magnetism

Be clear with currents and Electrostatics for this one. Quite similar to electrostatics. Lots of formulae and derivation (thanks to Biot Savart)- remember them all. Ampere’s law is important. Practice a lot of questions and try out derivations (solenoid, wire,etc.) on your own. Direction matters a lot. Don’t mess up with that. Practice questions on combined magnetic and electric field. These questions are common. Make sure you understand component splitting, vectors, etc. which are used heavily here.

6. Electromagnetic Induction

It is easy but it has a good weightage because it involves both currents and magnetism. Practice question based on calculating current with direction in different situations. This will help you clear KVL, magnetism and EMI all at a time.

7. JEE (Main) topics

EM Waves, Maxwell’s Equations, etc. Just study NCERT well. And practice some past papers of JEE (Main). You are done. 

Coming to the books must have books are NCERT and HC Verma. You must read HC Verma when the chapter gets finished in coaching (if you study at home, then just make HC Verma your coaching).

If you need more practice, go for Arihant’s book for Electromagnetism. Irodov is the final thing to do if you want a top 100 finish or aspire for Olympiads. But do it when you are done with everything else.You can buy the books at a good price here(I have checked them all, and made sure they are the correct version).

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