Fine tuning your NEET Preparation

The months of February and March are busy, confusing and quite happening for students especially aspiring for a medical or engineering seat in India. In this article we will discuss a few crucial factors regarding the preparation and the exam itself.

1 . Learning new topics v/s Solving Questions

How much ever one prepares, a student is never satisfied with the level of preparation of the subjects. One is always confused between solving more question papers and learning new topics. The best way to tackle this is to keep solving as many mock papers available and identify the weak concepts. Then one gets a clear idea on which areas to strengthen.

2. Board Exam and NEET

Do not have this thought that preparing for your board exam will affect your medical exams. Prepare in such a way that you can tackle any question in Boards. A good performance in Boards sets you on a positive note for NEET for the time left.

3. Negative marking

Attempt as many full length mock papers possible based on the latest NEET exam pattern, so that you can tackle the threat of negative marking. Without sufficient practice, you will lack the right confidence and that can affect your final exam day performance.

4. Right exam temperament

After the exam, it is no surprise to hear candidates complain that they could have done “better”. To avoid such situations, you need to develop a proper attitude while taking exams. You cannot be right in one go, but modifying and repeating it while writing mocks will eventually make you perfect.

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