Full Marks in Inorganic Chemistry! (JEE)

This post will discuss some key tips to improve your score in inorganic chemistry

Thu Sep 15, 2022

Don't Do "Rattafication"

A common trap when it comes to inorganic is trying to "learn" everything up - BAD MOVE. Way better to follow the "read and recall method" - you read one page, try to recall it, reread the page and see what you missed. Repeat this till the chapter is over.

Don't Overstudy

One of the worst things you can do is to study more than is needed. For most aspirants, NCERT inorganic with PYQs is more than enough. If you get time, study your coaching sheet - nothing more than that. Don't study 1000 pages books, waste of time!

Make Good Short Notes

Inorganic can get messy - make sure you good notes with tables, flowcharts, important points, etc which will help you revise and go through the chapters. We have already made FREE short notes for you, you can access them here.

Practice Questions!

This might sound weird - after all it's not mathematics which needs a lot of numerical practice! But here's the thing - you learn a lot better with MCQs than simple reading. Try to solve as many inorganic MCQs as possible - see how much better your grasp becomes after you do this.

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