How to get FREE AcadBoost Courses 

Yes, you heard it right - FREE JEE Courses!

Free Joys of Life!

Before moving ahead and revealing the secret to getting our course for free, let us remind you that there is a LOT of content we put out that is 100% FREE:

  1. FREE Short Notes for JEE
  2. The Official AcadBoost YouTube Channel
  3. The Official AcadBoost Blog
And we keep on adding more and more free content on our website every day! Don't forget to check these out because our team is full of IITians and Toppers who have aced the exams and know the ins and outs of JEE - you don't want to miss out on such valuable free resources.

Let's Skip to the Good Part!

We have a special program going on called the "Refer and Earn" program. You can learn about it in more detail in this video.

Basically, if you share your referral code with a friend and the friend signups mentions that referral code while signing up on AcadBoost app or website, you will get AcadBoost Credits. If your friend purchases a course, you will get even more credits (the exact details can be found on the app/website once you have logged in).

You can use these credits to get discounts while purchasing course - and reduce your cost significantly! This is completely based on your network - if you refer more of your friends you will be rewarded with more points - and these can potentially save you thousands of rupees. You can purchase some of our courses for even FREE (or at minimal cost!) if you refer enough people.

Good luck!

Note: The only way to enrol in AcadBoost courses is using the website or official app linked on our website. Any other way of distributing or obtaining our courses is illegal and a punishable legal offence. We have reported many such cases to legal departments and such people have been tracked down and faced severe financial and legal repercussions. We do not want to do this to anyone, so kindly refrain from such activities. 
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