How to prepare for BITSAT?

BITSAT is the entrance examination held for admission in B.Tech and B.Pharma degree programmes of BITS across its campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad.


It is held in the month of May and one needs to have a minimum of aggregate 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology( if one has opted for Biology in BITSAT) in Class 12th examinations, with atleast 60% marks in each of the subjects.

Question Paper Pattern

The question paper has 4 parts. Part I and II consists of Physics and Chemistry respectively having 40 questions each. Part III consists of English Proficiency with 15 questions and Logical Reasoning with 10 questions. The last part is Mathematics/ Biology ( B.Pharma candidates) with 45 questions in it. The exam duration is of 3 hours. A correct answer fetches 3 marks, while a wrong answer carries a negative marking of 1 mark.

Preparation strategy

As there are 150 questions to be attempted in 180 minutes, it is quite evident that one has to focus on increasing their speed while solving problems.


Finish NCERT Physics of both 11 and 12 first. Keep your basics clear and try to solve all the numericals in it in a timed manner. This builds both your pace and accuracy. Keep all the different formulas of the chapters in one separate notebook. This helps in revising them as and when needed. Often questions are directly based on the formulas.


This is the most important section in the question paper as it contains the maximum questions. Keep all the formulas of coordinate geometry specially conics, trigonometry, calculus in your fingertips. There will be no time for deriving the formula for any problem during exam.


For BITSAT chemistry, make sure to cover all the topics from NCERT. Often questions are directly asked from various sections in NCERT. For Inorganic Chemistry, you can refer a book such as OP Tandon apart from NCERT. Do revise the important chemical reactions, various properties and exceptions in behaviour of different compounds.

Additional Tips and Resources

Lastly do not neglect the logical reasoning and english section. You can solve aptitude questions from multiple sources to get habituated with these type of questions.Solve a lot of online mock tests for developing the exam temperament. 

Practice the questions from Arihant BITSAT book to know the type of questions which are generally asked.

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