How to Stay Motivated During JEE Preparation

This post will discuss some tips to motivate yourself to study when the path seems hard!

Fri Sep 16, 2022

1. Take more breaks

One of the most common things a lot of students subscribe to is the idea that "more studies = more marks". This is true, but only to some extent. If you keep studying continuously without breaks, you will simply get tired. Play sports, video games, spend time with your friends & family - chill out once in a while!

2. Write down your goals

You set out on this journey with certain goals like reaching IIT Bombay, or getting AIR 1, or getting that prized IIT placement. Remembering your goal is always a nice way to get motivated, because it reminds you of why you started in the first place. Make it your phone wallpaper, or make a note of it in your diary or study desk so that you see it daily.

3. Have a strong friend circle

Your friend circle can make you, or destroy you. Making friends with serious JEE aspirants goes a long way in build the right environment. Not only will they help you discuss your doubts, they will also keep you on the right track!

4. Perform better!

Yes, it sounds trivial - but motivation and performance go hand in hand. The better you perform, the more you get inspired to do even better. It's how the best people in the world become the best - by doing better than what they have been doing so far!

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