Importance of Short Notes

& How to Make the Best Notes

Short notes are very important. They helped me a lot in the last few months of my JEE Preparation. It is very easy to dismiss notes off as a fancy thing that doesn't add much to the prep, but it does matter more than you think.

Why are Short Notes Important?

  1. While making short notes, you are reading your class notes/books thoroughly, and then you pick up the most important points and jot them down. First of all, you are reading the book/notes thoroughly, which itself is very rewarding. Then you are rereading and writing down your important points, which is 3 times the normal revision of the most important points of the chapter.
  2. Making short notes will make sure that you never forget those points because those are the first thing we see when we have less time to revise for a test. And trust me, JEE is half cleared if you know those ‘important points’ well.
  3. Making short notes helps a lot during revision sessions, especially in class 12, when you need to revise a big topic in say, 2 hours. You can’t read the entire book. You can read the short notes and then directly go for problem-solving.

How to Make the Best Notes?

Write down all formulae, reactions, reaction mechanisms, important conditions and exceptions while making short notes. Also, maintain a track of important questions in study material (I used to mark important questions with stars). 

You should also try to maintain a one page flowchart of every chapter. This will help you recall the chapter faster and also keep a good structure of the topics in your head.

The real importance of short notes is realized one day before JEE. You want to revise, but you don’t have time to study all your notes. Do make them if you don’t want to regret later.

Best FREE Short Notes for JEE!

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Good luck!

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