JEE 2023 Exam Date

When will JEE Main & Advanced be held this year?

Tue Oct 11, 2022

JEE Main Date

There are quite a few factors to consider here. First, board exams of many states are being conducted in February, and it's unlikely that exams would be held then (or during March).

A month prior to that are the practical exams, which again will cause interference. So, Feb/late January seem less likely (thought they are a possibility because NTA has been known to conduct exams during boards as well!)

We are pretty confident of the exam being conducted in April and later. The first attempt should be in April, rest of the details can be figured out as time passes and things are more clear.

We don't expect the exam to be in early April as well, it should be more towards the end of month.

JEE Advanced Date

College admissions MUST be completed by September/October, and hence JEE Advanced cannot be held further than July.

Last few years have been an exception, but there were valid reasons for delay (late boards, diseases, lockdowns, etc).

We fully expect JEE Advanced to be conducted in June/July.

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