Last minute tips for JEE (Main)

I’ll be telling some common mistakes during the exam. Avoid each of these to score well. I have tried to order them chronologically. 

Read till the end.

1. Before entering the exam hall

1 . Make sure you bring all your documents, admit card, etc and reach before time.

2 . Drink enough water, have adequate food(not too much), stop studying by 8 P.M. or so on a day before the exam(have at least 7–8 hours of sleep).

3. Go to the washroom before entering if you feel the need(you don’t want to go during the paper)

4. Many students study outside the exam hall. I don’t recommend that, and I also recommend ignoring such people if you aren’t one of them.

5. Talk to your parents/guardian/teachers if they are present. Avoid talking to your ‘friends’. I remember my physics teacher saying that I should not worry, as he was pretty confident that I would do beyond expectations. These things ease out pressure.

6. Be positive.

2. In the hall before the paper is distributed:

1 .Fill details on the computer correctly (if needed).


3. Do not mess with the invigilators in any way.

4. Make sure you have filled everything correctly. You would still have around 30 minutes before paper commencements.

5. Now, avoid talking to people around you. They would be unknown mostly. A self-talk helps at this time(I was pretty good at it).

6. Relax and take a heavy breath(and all that kind of shit), but don’t sleep.

3. After the paper starts

1 . Don’t dive straight into the paper. Spend some time(5 minutes or so) looking at the questions. Try to get an idea as to what is tough and easy.

2. Based on what is easy and what is your best subject, decide where to start.

3. Attempt only a few easy questions in the beginning. Attempt 5–6 very easy questions from all the subjects first instead of attempting 20 questions from, say physics. This is where a lot of people go wrong. This builds confidence, as well as makes sure you attempt more.

4. Don’t get stuck on a question for long. You can always do it later. In CBT you can come back easily, but also don’t fall for clicking rapidly too. This is a huge pitfall.

5. Don’t answer without knowing(fluke).

6. Choose the best option when in confusion. Don’t rely on ‘bonuses’.

7. Use rough space wisely. It comes less in quantity.

8. Solve fast, but don’t solve things wrong. Cross check quickly before bubbling if its possible.

9. Use objective approach whenever possible(especially in mathematics). Differentiating options, considering equilateral triangle, eliminating options should be used as much as possible.

4. After the paper is over:

1 . Head straight home, have lunch and chill for the day.

2. Calculate your marks by evening. Stay happy and don’t get depressed or overconfident. I was scoring 350–360 from various keys. All were happy. but I went back to my books at night.

3. Start preparing for JEE(Advanced) or any other exam.4. I would recommend staying very positive and motivated. 

Don’t take any pressure. You all will get what you deserve. 

Give your best. It’s your moment, squeeze it make it golden.

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