Networth of AcadBoost (by Kalpit Veerwal!

Mon Feb 28, 2022

The million dollar question!

A lot of people search this question online, and we thought - why not answer it ourselves instead of letting others do the guessing :)

Let's have some context first.

Lakhs of students have used our Website, App and other resources for their education. Thousands of them have become IITians & top engineers, and have accomplished great things in their life. Can you put a monetary value to this?

The bad thing about chasing money as your sole goal is that it blinds you towards other aspects of running a business - how much value you are adding to your users, how accountable are you to the society, and are you enabling a better world.

A purely financially approach makes you see students as "customers" who are nothing but revenue points to be added and compared to last months' - which is not something we like to do as an *educational* company.

What we care about is providing world class services to our students and helping them become their best version. Once that is achieved - we have little financial gains to seek.

So - what is "The net worth/valuation of AcadBoost"?

We consider our net worth to be the sum total of everything achieved by all the student we have ever taught - from our YouTube channel, to our paid courses, to our free App resources. Many of them are in IITs and other big institutes and will become great leaders in the future. Now what is THAT worth? We don't know.

But it is definitely bigger than any amount of money in the bank account.

Kalpit Veerwal
Founder & CEO, AcadBoost

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