Perfecting Physics for NEET

During NEET preparation, many students tend to avoid preparing Physics and often push it to the last. But it gets backfired during the examination, as without clear concepts and regular practice it is not possible to bring a good score in this subject. Check out these tips for perfecting your preparation for Physics.

1 . Theory

It is not a good practice to skip theory altogether and start solving problems by plugging in the formulas. For each chapter, read the theory once from NCERT before touching the coaching material. Mark the areas which you cannot understand and get it clarified.

2. Solving Numericals

First and foremost, do not keep collecting hundreds of books. It is of no use solving problems randomly from multiple sources. Take a book with a good collection of objective questions and start solving. After reading a chapter, solve all the corresponding questions and also the ones asked in the previous years. Mark the ones which you cannot solve in the first go and come back to it later.

3 . Formula Sheet

It will prove immensely helpful if you write down all the formulas and keep them properly. After a significant amount of the syllabus has been completed, this will help in revision and also when you are stuck in solving questions.

4. Clearing doubts

When you face difficulty in solving a question or understand a concept, do not check for the solution or rush to your teacher immediately. Trace the problem to its roots and try to identify the related concepts. Apply what you have studied and you should be able to solve your doubts on your own. This will help a lot in strengthening your fundamentals and you will be able to solve questions quicker.

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