Preparation strategy for IJSO

IJSO, International Junior Science Olympiad is a very prestigious examination which is held for classes 9th, 10th. It is a tough examination due to two factors, the competition and the difficulty level of the paper. The number of candidates is less, but the quality of the candidates is very high.

The question paper is tough and it often involves concepts of classes 11 and 12th, right in classes 9th and 10th. You do not need to be highly intelligent for cracking this exam, but you should be smart enough to follow the right strategy.


Prerequisite knowledge

Before starting the preparation you should be thorough with the NCERT Science and Mathematics of classes 9th and 10th. A 9th standard student has to be thorough with the subjects of 10th grade, if he/she is an aspirant of IJSO.

Go through the previous papers of NSEJS and INJSO, and with the help of a teacher point out the important sections of the question paper and understand the weightage of different topics.

The easy way of preparing is joining a test series, solving the questions which are provided and doing the part which is needed. But this is not sufficient for the later stages of the examination which are the Orientation Camp and IJSO.

Hard way is to read the books of classes 11th and 12th.


9th and 10th grade Maths from either RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma. Few chapters of 11th – trigonometry, coordinate geometry, permuations and combinations, binomial theorem.


Class 9, 10th. Part I of NCERT chemistry of Class 11 which includes chapters of physical chemistry such as Atomic Structure, chemical bonding, ideal gases, mole concept. 


Class 11 NCERT Biology. It may be time taking to cover the portion initially, however revising the relevant parts will help a lot.


HC Verma Part I and Part II. Correlate and study from NCERT and HC Verma when doing a particular chapter.

Previous year papers are important so that you get a feel of the examination. Studying with perseverance in the early stages help a lot in your overall preparation for the future examinations be it Boards or any other entrance test. 

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