Preparation strategy for IJSO

Let's talk about Junior Science Olympiad!

IJSO, International Junior Science Olympiad is a very prestigious examination which is held for classes 9th, 10th. It is a tough examination due to two factors - the competition, and the difficulty level of the paper. The number of candidates is less, but the quality of the candidates is very high.

The exam is help in five stages - NSEJS, INJSO, OCSC, PDT and IJSO (there have been a few alterations like IOQJS due to COVID-19 pandemic but this is essentially it) and is conducted by HBCSE, Mumbai & IAPT. It is one of the few "real" Olympiads funded & recognised by government and thus a lot is at stake!

The question paper is tough and it often involves concepts of classes 11 and 12th, right in classes 9th and 10th. Not only do you need to be smart & hardworking, you need to follow the right strategy in order to succeed. But don't worry - we have you covered :)

Prerequisite knowledge

Before starting the preparation you should be thorough with the NCERT Science and Mathematics of classes 9th and 10th. A 9th standard student has to be thorough with the subjects of 10th grade, if he/she is an aspirant of IJSO.

Go through the previous papers of NSEJS and INJSO, and find out the important sections of the question paper and understand the weightage of different topics. Don't use anyone else's weightage calculation as it is better if you do this process yourself (which is why we won't give you one!)

Let's discuss all the important topics in each subject:


9th and 10th grade Maths from any standard book/NCERT. Few chapters of 11th – trigonometry, coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem.


Class 9, 10th. Part I of NCERT chemistry of Class 11 which includes chapters of physical chemistry such as Atomic Structure, chemical bonding, ideal gases, mole concept.


Class 11 NCERT Biology. It may be time taking to cover the portion initially, however revising the relevant parts will help a lot.


HC Verma Part I and Part II. Correlate and study from NCERT and HC Verma when doing a particular chapter.


IJSO needs a lot of self belief. Due to the toughness of the exam, almost no one thinks they can do it. This is where you need to convince yourself that you can. This will easily be the toughest exam you will face in life (you will be much better prepared for JEE & other senior Olympiads - but preparing for an Olympiad as a 13-14 year old is very hard!)

As usual, the strategy is to work hard, keep studying consistently and not fumble. It is EXTREMELY important to practice past papers of NSEJS & INJSO - they are a goldmine! If you even solve them, understand every concept asked till date - you might have a nice shot at the exam!

Is this enough?

The problem with self study for IJSO is that it is very hard to study for such a complex exam on your own, or even in most coaching. There is no well-defined syllabus, and it is especially tough when it comes to studying class 11/12th stuff.

You need a dedicated course with material designed for IJSO, which should be well researched and contain everything you need - right from basics to the advanced concepts.

You're in luck here as we already have made such a course!

We have a dedicated course for IJSO preparation. You will get EVERYTHING you need to prepare for IJSO - right from Class 9/10 basics to intricate topics of Class 11/12th. DPPs, Test Series, and Lectures - you get everything you will ever want for your IJSO preparation!

Not only will this course help you prepare for your IJSO exam, it will also serve as a great foundation for class 9-10th and early JEE Prep. You will surely clear IJSO if you study with our expertise & put your best efforts. So hurry up and enrol now!

This was it, hope that you enjoyed this post! Good luck for IJSO :)