Tackling Integration problems for JEE Main & Advanced

Integration is crucial from the perspective of JEE, Boards as well as in Engineering. It has a wide range of applications in Physics, Mathematics and many other fields. 

Hence it is quite important to understand the key concepts on Integration and then memorizing the formulas for the purpose of the competitive examinations. Students often blindly memorize the formula but later face difficulties in solving advanced or tricky questions.

NCERT Mathematics

DO NOT make the mistake of ignoring NCERT. Start with the theory of NCERT and understand the different theorems of integration along with their proofs. After covering this, you can move to solving the problems in NCERT. This practice would reinforce what you just learnt. It would take some time but it is very essential.

Different types of Integration questions.

An important part of preparation involves solving questions above your comfort level. This makes you ready for the examination irrespective of any sudden changes in the pattern or difficulty. You should steadily increase the difficulty level of the questions during your practice. Use your coaching material for this and try solving the questions. For the ones which you are unable to solve, refer to the solutions and if any hint is provided use that first. If you are still facing difficulty then go through the solution thoroughly. Make a mental note of the key concept in the solution which you missed and solve the question on your own later.

On repeating the above practice, you should be able to tackle the complex questions which are usually a combination of two or more concepts. The consistent practice and being diligent is the key here. This can also be extended to the other difficult parts of the preparation. 

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