Trigonometry for JEE Main and Advanced

This is going to be a short post because Trigonometry is quite a small portion. However, it is fundamental to the rest of mathematics, and you must be good in trigonometry before moving towards other chapters.

The basic rule of Trigonometry is the same as that of Mathematics in general- remember all formulae by heart and practice as much as you can. There are 50+ formulae in my short notes. And you need to remember them by heart(most formulae are symmetric and can be learnt by short tricks). Practice makes you familiar with all the tricks of the game, and you begin to get ‘clicks’ in your mind whenever new problems come up.

1 . Trigonometric Identities

Lots of formulae and tricks. Can’t do much apart from practicing a lot and remembering formulae well.

2. Trigonometric equations

Almost the same, just few more formulae for the standard solutions. Be careful with intervals of pi and all. And practice few questions based on graphs, pretty common in JEE.

3. Solution Of Triangles

Very nice chapter. Important from KVPY and Olympiad point of view. Again, lots of formulae, and the trick lies in massive problem solving.

4. Inverse Trigonometric functions

This one is easy. Remember the principal values, do a little bit of tweaking by a factor of pi(carefully) and you are done

.Basically, trigonometry is an easy portion. But question wise, it can be tough as hell. The only thing you can do is practice, practice, and practice. From the books below.


As usual, coaching books are the best for maths. If you are studying on your own, get the book by Resonance. For extra practice, Arihant is the best. If you want more practice of a basic level, go for S.L. Loney(its a bit old fashioned though). 

For those who love challenges, go for A. Das Gupta. It has the toughest questions from trigonometry among all other books(even I had tough time solving them).

So, as usual, study hard, practice a lot, and comment down your queries below.

All the best!!!

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