Vital tips to boost productivity

There are no shortage of motivation, productivity tips on the Internet. But still majority of us fail to achieve our goals even after possessing all the resources. The two important reasons are distraction and lack of discipline.


We begin a task with full enthusiasm. After completing it partially, we feel like we have accomplished a lot. It does not take much time to find ourselves browsing the endless feed in any social media. The break which was supposed to be of 5 mins easily gets extended to 50 mins and the same old cycle continues. In this world of easy internet access, we are easily diverted and this hurts our progress.

a. Do not check notifications, while you are working. You will get lost in the noise and feel difficult to get back in your zone.

b. Attention span varies from person to person. So if you have decided to study for 30-40 minutes and take a break of 5 mins, make sure you stick to this routine.

c. We often miss out on the bigger picture and succumb to temporary happiness. For achieving magnificent success, you have to be ruthless in sticking to your schedule, since you have designed it in the first place.

d. Instead of making the routine for the entire week, plan out on a day and achieve it. If you achieve the tasks for a day, you will feel inspired to continue and there would be none stopping you back.

Check out this short video on why we procrastinate to understand the above points in a better way.

Lack of Discipline

Lacking in discipline refers to the improper habits which we have accumulated for a long period of time. It takes a long time to mend these, but changing even bit by bit does not hurt.

Watch the video to know how to manage your time and get a lot of work done.

a. Sleep – An improper sleep cycle is very difficult to rectify. This is in direct correlation with diet. By messing with sleep, your diet gets affected and it starts off a whole range of problems, from obesity to concentration problems. Make sure to have an average of 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

b. Diet – Cut down your intake of sugars and drink more water. These two simple tips will make it a lot easier to maintain a proper diet. Add atleast 30 mins of exercise per day and you will be mentally energised to focus on your daily goals.

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