Full Marks in Inorganic Chemistry! (JEE)

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Full Marks in Inorganic Chemistry! (JEE) This post will discuss some key tips to improve your score in inorganic chemistry Don't Do "Rattafication" A common trap when it comes to inorganic is trying to "learn" everything up - BAD MOVE. Way better to follow the "read and recall method" - you read on...

Inorganic Chemistry Chapters

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Inorganic Chemistry Chapters Complete List of Chapters in Inorganic Chemistry in class 11th & 12th based on NCERT Class 11th 1. Classification of Element and Periodicity 2. Hydrogen 3. s- block Elements 4. p- block Elements 5. Environmental Chemistry Class 12th 1. General Principles and Processes of...

Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced

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How to Study Inorganic Chemistry for JEE A chapter wise guide to get your dream IIT This post is about inorganic chemistry, one of the least liked topic in JEE preparation. But finally, this is going to be the one subject which will fetch you marks most easily. Many people ignore inorganic chemistry...

Physical Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced

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Physical Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced JEE is well known for its tough numericals- Be it Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry. But Physical Chemistry is the easiest of all three, because most questions asked from Physical Chemistry in JEE(Advanced) are simply based on formulae. But this is where th...

Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced

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Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced This post is about Organic Chemistry- one of the most interesting subjects in JEE syllabus. I never got bored in an Organic chemistry class- thanks to my wonderful teacher. Coming to the point, Organic Chemistry doesn’t involve much learning, and is mainly b...
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