Electromagnetism for JEE Mains and Advanced Physics

access_time 1588075800000 face Kalpit Veerwal
Electromagnetism for JEE Chapterwise guide to get your dream IIT This post is intended for students in class 12 (but I highly recommend class 11 students to read it too, so that you have a guideline for the future). Let us discuss all the chapters: 1. Electrostatics, Coulomb’s Law, Potentials You mu...

Mechanics for JEE Main and Advanced

access_time 1588075440000 face Rudra
Mastering Mechanics for JEE Main and Advanced Many of you would have started with mechanics by now (class 11 people I mean). New nightmare right? (:p) But trust me, this is an area which is hated by many by the time it starts and is loved by the time your course is about to get over. However, JEE ha...
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