Preparation strategy for IJSO

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Preparation strategy for IJSO Let's talk about Junior Science Olympiad! IJSO, International Junior Science Olympiad is a very prestigious examination which is held for classes 9th, 10th. It is a tough examination due to two factors - the competition, and the difficulty level of the paper. The number...

Preparation strategy for IMO (Mathematical Olympiad)

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Preparation strategy for IMO Stages of IMO International Mathematics Olympiad is one of the most prestigious competitions held for students at class 12 standard. It consists of 3 stages. Regional Mathematics Olympiad is held for candidates for a state or region. Selected candidates from RMO write In...

How to prepare for Olympiads?

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How to prepare for Olympiads? Olympiads are tough examinations. The questions asked in Olympiads cover both 11th and 12th syllabus and their quality is much better than the JEE questions. You should definitely prepare for them with the primary motive being to solve a better set of problems. Do not p...
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